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"New" items will be marked as such.
"New Take Out / Off (NTO)" items have less than approximately 50 miles on them.  Many have never actually had any use at all as they were removed from new vehicles directly from Factory to a conversion shop.  Items with more than approximately 50 miles will be graded as so in listing. Any flaws seen will also be listed. But please know:  these items have been put on a vehicle and may have slight blemishes from installation, removal, handling & storage. 
"Display" items are those that have been viewed in our shop or, as in the case of wheels or tires, may have been mounted but NEVER been placed on a vehicle. 
Our Store

We are a Brick & Mortar store if you are in the area and would like to stop in to take a look at inventory.  

This is not all we have; by any means.

We accept cash, Paypal and credit cards.  No personal or business checks.  No money orders. 
If you have any questions, please give us a call!  413-382-7128
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