B&B Enterprises

We do sell a large portion of items on Ebay, Craigslist, this site and others.     This is just some information on our policies for these sites.   Customer security is just as important as our own.   Please read fully in order to protect yourself.  
Customer Protection / Online Sales
Customer Information
Information gathered  by B&B employees (phone orders) is NOT kept  in house or on any computers after the sale.  
During the phone order (when cc is not here on site) we will ask you for certain information: billing / shipping address, card number, security code, phone numbers etc.  None of this information is ever shared with outside sources.  It is, however, verified before any items are shipped out.  If using Paypal, the confirmed Paypal address will be used for shipping. That is the BUYER's responsibility to change, not ours to check. 
Contacting Us
We do try to stay available to out customers as much as possible. We are a small company and do take the occasional day off  (or vacation).  Leave us a message / email and we will get back to you; even if it's just to touch base. 
If it's during the work day; the same applies.  We may just be with another customer or out on the road. 
Return, refund & cancellation policies
Items described online are done so as best we can.  If you have any questions regarding an item, please call.   Before any items are shipped, we do a final inspection of them.  If flaws or blemishes are found we will let you know before item leaves our building.
 Fitments are the BUYER's responsibility.   If wheels, tires or any accessories are installed: they are yours.  Confirm fitment of wheels prior to installing tires. 
Any APPROVED returns will incur a 25% restocking fee and any shipping costs will not be refunded.
Special orders / or any labor to in stock parts require a deposit. 
If orders are cancelled prior to pick up; all deposit money is forfeit. 
Any In House Special Orders / Paid orders are to be picked up within one week of delivery / completion. Orders not picked up within that time will be returned. 
Delivery of Goods
Shipping of items is usually via USPS and / or UPS.  The least expensive option with tracking will be used.  No one wants to pay stupid money for shipping.  We do not add any handling fees unless posted.  What we pay is what you pay for smaller items.  Insurance is taken out on items and much care is taken in packaging.  
Freight shipments run the same in which we will ship the least expensive we can with the most trustworthy companies.  Shipping on pallets will be done with care.  It may take a day or two to be sure that the shipment is safely packaged and ready to roll. 
We only ship freight to a commercial address. It's cheaper for you (trust me).  Schools, churches and such are not considered commercial by freightcompanies.   
If  you need a lift gate at delivery, that is additional. 
Someone does need to be there for delivery. Trucking companies charge for anything additional: appointments, lift gates, residential, middle of nowhere delivery.....    
Payment of Goods
Payment to be made in full before receipt of any goods.
Payments: Credit cards or Cash.  We do NOT accept any type of check for payment (personal or business).  No exceptions. 
If we have concern about any form of payment being legitimate, delivery of goods may be delayed until payment can be confirmed. 
Any fraud will be prosecuted. 
Customers are encouraged to retain a copy of transaction / receipt. 
All Special orders must be paid in full before we order them.  A percentage may be used as a deposit for Custom or Factory sets.  

Sales tax is charged on all in house purchases. Massachusetts Sales Tax is 6.25%. If items picked up at our shop you are required to pay MA tax. Sales tax on items shipped/delivered outside of the state of MA is the responsibility of the BUYER. 
Sales Tax